Friday, March 28, 2008

let me introduce to you.... je vous présente....

This is SUe. SUe is a creation of my friend Maman Kool-Aid. She made this adorable little doll entirely out of Stampin' Up!'s stamps, pipe cleaners and beads. Isn't it the most adorable thing you have ever seen?! You can see her other dolls here. She calls them her little fairies. I want to try my hand at it but time is not on my side. When I get around to making my own doll, I will post a list of the stamp sets used. I'm off to the Regionals tomorrow and will get back to you with an update tomorrow night. Have a great weekend!

Je vous présente la poupée SUe. SUe est confectionnée à partir d'estampes Stampin' Up!. Elle m'a été offerte par mon amie Maman Kool-Aid. N'est-elle pas absolument adorable? Si vous voulez voir ses autres fées, cliquez ici. Lorsque j'aurai confectionné la mienne, je vous indiquerai les jeux d'estampes qui ont été utilisés. Demain, je serai au séminaire régional de SU. J'essaierai de vous donner un compte-rendu demain soir!En attendant je vous souhaite une bonne fin de semaine!


pescbrico said...

WOW c'est vraiment superbe ça! Très créatif! Merci de partager avec nous :) Bon séminaire

Michelle said...

Now that's talent!
You must have gone to regionals yesterday? How was it?

Anonymous said...

It *is* the most darling thing I have ever seen - so cute!!!!! And incredibly inspired, too!

Love that the doll's called Sue... First time my sister saw my sign-up paper lying on the kitchen floor, she asked, "Who's Sue??" and I had to laugh and explain it was short for Stampin' Up! To this day, I still tell her I'm off to see Sue every time I go to a convention. ;)

Cindy Major